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Imagine what results you would be achieving in your business if you had sky high levels of self-belief and self-trust…

The Skyrocket Your Confidence audio is your shortcut to truly believing in yourself and taking the right actions in your business to attract more clients consistently. The audio is packed full of goodness and it will help you to:

✔ Build up rock-solid confidence in your capability and show up as a leader in your field

✔ Shift yourself into a higher vibration state so that you can attract more clients with ease  

✔ Trust in yourself to do business your way and show up consistently

I'm so excited to hear about the results you receive from this audio!

Sign-up for here to receive your FREE ‘Skyrocket Your Confidence’ hypnosis audio

Sam Ferres is a Confidence Coach for service-based entrepreneurs looking to hit $10k+ months with ease.

She is the founder of the Confidence Breakthrough Method that helps entrepreneurs to break through self-doubt, smash their income ceiling, and show up unapologetically in their online business so they can make a massive impact on the world.

Sam is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Coach. She has 20 years’ experience as a Senior HR Leader and coach within leading multinational corporations where she helped leaders reach their full potential. She now brings her vast coaching experience to entrepreneurs to help them release their mindset blocks.

She lives and breathes her methods which is how she broke through imposter syndrome and smashed through her own income limits and earned 5 figures within 5 months of her new niche. She has also helped her clients skyrocket their confidence, earn multiple five-figure months and double their prices within 30 days of working together.

Sam is a published author, nature-loving Mum of one who lives in Sydney with her gorgeous family.